How to plan your career or a switch in career paths?

E. & J. Gallo Winery p17n93s
Jan 12 7 Comments

I am currently working in the field of Operations Research at a manufacturing firm. I am 27 and my TC is ~110K with 3 YoE. I am on H1B with a stable job. I don’t see a future here since the company doesn’t have a great career path for professionals in analytics. Even with 10 YoE, i dont think I will be earning more than 150K.

I am also finding it difficult to plan a career path with my operarions research background. The only paths I see are Supply Chain companies or consulting firms(don’t like this). The other path I see is Data Science. Finding it difficult to get interviews here since my resume is all about Operations Research.

How did you plan your career path? if you wanted a switch, how do you go about that?

PS: My first post. Let me know if I broke any rules here. Will edit my question.


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  • Uber anavrin
    Apply to Logistics companies like Uber, doordash, lyft, Flexport, keepTruckin. They all have hardcore logistics/marketplace teams internally. I have an OR background too and so do a lot of people at Uber.
    Jan 12 3
    • Uber anavrin
      It is a bit ML heavy AFAIK. I am not in the marketplace team. OR optimization is hard to do well and fast at scale in real time. I think it is used in more hindsight analysis. But any OR experience you have can be very relevant.

      Airline scheduling companies like Sabre, Travelocity, do more OR heavy work.
      Jan 13
    • E. & J. Gallo Winery p17n93s
      But if I want to switch to more tech. Let’s say stripe or yelp or FAANG. Then how does one go about that?
      Jan 14
  • Ironclad / Legal ⌐(ಠ۾ಠ)¬
    Get GC before switching. You will have a lot more flexibility
    Jan 12 2
    • E. & J. Gallo Winery p17n93s
      GC will take a good 10+ years. Don’t know if I want to spend that much time there.
      Jan 12
    • Ironclad / Legal ⌐(ಠ۾ಠ)¬
      Consider yourself lucky if it's only 10 years. Other folks need to wait for more than a life time.
      Jan 12


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