Ideal work environment vs ideal work?

New LCCe61
Oct 13, 2018 2 Comments

Between offers right now. Really interested in DL/ML work. New grad. Got into one of {FB/G} NY office which is awesome and I appreciate it because I’ve heard it’s hard to get into and I’ll definitely enjoy NYC more than the bay, but have to go through a generic boot camp process, meaning that I may not get work I like (or the matching could be so good that I find something else that’s ideal, so maybe not entirely a negative). The other is at an elite finance firm, one known not to be a sweatshop so decent WLB & decent tech focus, think one of {HRT, Two Sigma, Jane Street, DE Shaw}, where I may be able to pull off a more ML research based role, which plays right into my intellectual interests. The difference is that I prefer the ambiance, work environment, and chill vibe of the tech office, it’s my ideal work environment (free food, tons of in office perks, good vibes all around). I have to choose between my ideal work environment and a bit of unknown regarding the actual work (could be good or bad) and my ideal work- I’m certain I would enjoy the team at the finance firm.

Bonus question: Does one of these sound better for career growth? Are the learning opportunities at these type of finance firms in line with those of FB/G?



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  • Netflix / Eng NFLXnChill
    Been there done that. Have joined companies for both the reasons, and would prefer better work environment any day. Interesting work can fade away quickly, but the environment persists.
    Oct 13, 2018 1
    • New LCCe61
      This is probably what I’m going with, thanks for sharing your experience!
      Oct 14, 2018


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