Joy of my Startup journey

Mar 26, 2019 3 Comments

Have been working on a startup as a side project for last 3 months. I have a full time job and a kid. It's been a incredible journey for me so far. I had Lots of learnings.

My progress so far :
Have completed prototype of my app in android and iOS. Have completed the backend and did a soft launch of my pre launch website last week.
I submitted my idea to Ycombinator yesterday.

My team size: Myself a backend end dev and my other developer who can build awesome android, iPhone app and UI design.

For rest of the work like doing explainer video , app icon and logo design I hired freelancers through On the whole , I have spent 300$ so far.

I hired my app developer through fiver. Over the course of working on the idea , my app developer and designer really liked the idea and started working on the idea for free taking little ownership in the company

Resources that have helpful to me so far,
1) Fiverr to hire freelancers.
2) Founders-floor event that happens in sanjose every month.

During this journey so far, I meet lots of founders who have quit their job from Fang and many VC s. I learnt a lot from these people along this way.

I was on dead lock state many times. Friends and mentors have helped me to unblock me.

About me: Backend Dev. 7 yrs exp. TC : 200k

I welcome blinders to shed some pointers around your experience of starting a company. Resources that have been helpful so far that you wanted to share here.

Are there any meetups from people on blind hosted in Bay area for founders like me?

I was also thinking of starting a slack group for people who are in similar boat as me to share resources and contacts.


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  • PayPal hshdihjoa
    Great stuff! I think your TC calculations are a bit off..
    Mar 26, 2019 1
    • PayPal Raiden5
      You saying it's low? My vesting stocks this year is on a lower side .
      Mar 26, 2019
  • Citibank ic0n0clast
    Im doing something similar although bootstraping and working through offshore contracting for both front/backend. Have a bit of learning curve due to lack of core programming skills but its been a great learning experience. Around 9 yoe/230TC so same boat. Would love to connect.
    Mar 26, 2019 0


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