Let's Help Our Friends At Uber!

Sep 10, 2019 13 Comments

Team Blind, please give accounts from Uber unlimited private chats for now so they can pass their info to people offering referrals. There's a giant thread with users volunteering to help. Otherwise they run out at 10 a month. Don't make them choose places to ask for referrals after just losing their jobs.

If you want to help with referrals but are afraid of giving your email or info on Blind to a stranger: totally understandable. Ask the ex-Uber employee to upload their resume to a Google Doc with privacy set so that only people with the exact link can access it. Then have them pass you the link over dm on Blind. You can get them a referral without revealing your identity but they know it's to your company because of your flair. And then you just download the resume from the Google Doc. Also you can confirm someone's from Uber by checking their resume even if their Blind account lacks an Uber flair.

Uber employees who survived the layoffs: Offer to get referrals to your friends who didn't make it on Blind, especially if they never made an account. It can make a big difference in their lives, particularly if they need a visa. Just ask them for a link to their resume and send those out via dm to the people offering referrals. You'd want them to offer the same for you if your positions were reversed.

Like and comment on this post so more people can see it. Some of you will have better suggestions so add those below. Let's all do what we can to help out!

EDIT 9/13: Read the comments and they make some really good points. In all honesty I just felt bad for the people laid off and wanted to help cause people were banding together to offer referrals and accounts have a limit for the number of private chats. If the Uber employees get extra private chats cause of layoffs, we can start a trend where we help people who just lost their jobs or are at higher risk. It's just a really great change considering how toxic things can be usually. Though I agree it'd probably be better to just raise the number of private chats any user can start so we all benefit. For the part where I suggested confirming that the resume was from Uber, I meant that more so people can prioritize the resumes from people who were laid off or about to be laid off. Should have worded everything better. And yes I totally agree people here (myself included) have a tendency to focus on the highest TC jobs which means layoffs at less prestigious companies didn't result in as much help or any at all. That and in general the average Uber engineer, considering that they passed Uber's interview, is perceived as more likely to pass other FAANG level interviews, so there's more incentive to give a referral due to higher implied probability of receiving the referral bonus. That and in a mass layoff like this you're more likely to get some high performers in the market than just whoever was struggling the most or actually a bad employee. I still think it's great that we're all working together to help out though. Also here to offer referrals or help review resumes, regardless of ex-Uber or not.


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  • Akamai Technologies tied
    Nobody cared when Cisco or low tier companies laid off! Now look at all the people and their thoughts and prayers..

    People at uber are self sufficient to get their jobs. People who really needed help are the people who were laid off from low tier companies!
    Sep 11, 2019 6
    • Microsoft


      This(originator of the thread). Was trying to find someone point this discrepancy. It made me experience the hollowness of the community.
      Sep 11, 2019
    • Uber / Product ManikMon
      Uber is a pretty girl? 🤯🤯 i thought it was a poster well uh... boy for rich brash male
      Sep 11, 2019
  • Cerner / Eng

    Cerner Eng

    I greatly appreciate what you are doing here by giving back to the community but Uber is not the entire community. Why is there a need to confirm the resume and refer only those who are from Uber? Others won't matter as they are not from the top tier?

    Cerner recently laid off 250+ people with a probablity of more layoffs soon. It was on the news as well. Some of the people laid off were here for more than 10 years. If you don't know what Cerner does., it is a health IT company developing software for health care. We literally work on saving lives and making health care better every day.

    I appreciate that you have come forward to help all those who were laid off at uber but it would be great if you can extend your help to others who are in need(Tesla, Oracle etc) as well.

    That being said, DM me for Cerner. Even with the layoffs, I see new hires coming in and I can try.
    Sep 11, 2019 1
  • New QTdN03
    Sep 10, 2019 0
  • Facebook smokedat
    They’ll be fine
    Sep 11, 2019 0
  • Can anyone refer for FANG here? Specifically Google since I make a great match for a position up right now
    Nov 5, 2019 0
  • Athenahealth AmandaT
    Sep 11, 2019 0


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