Living in Bay Area on single income ( should we go back to india)

New FzgP70
Oct 18, 2019 69 Comments

I moved to Bay Area two and half years ago .My husband is in tech ( non faang)!and on H1B. I waited for two and half years for my work auth based on my husbands i140 . i started interviewing recently , but the results dont seem encouraging so far. Are we better off going to india given our situation . his Tc is 150K ( 4 years experience) . we dont have kids . But with kids , its going to be more expensive . with single income , i feel like we are at the bottom of the pyramid here in the bay area. would like to hear thoughts from others . please dont do any negative criticism. i m trying my best to reach my potential and get a job . he too is trying hard to help me get a job and at the same time trying to improve his skills and raise his TC .


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  • Instasize cplus
    you have a realistic perspective, that’s always a good thing.
    You need probably 350 K household income to have a middle class existence with a child in the Bay Area. If that’s not realistic your quality of life will be better many other places. Good luck
    Oct 18, 2019 37
    • Amazon real_bezos
      Lol true that @GoRams
      Oct 18, 2019
    • Instasize cplus
      So much butt hurt. Sad
      Oct 18, 2019
  • Google / Eng dasgupta
    Screw US, move back to India, Bangalore is hot, even if you make combine income of 50L per annum you will live life king size
    Oct 18, 2019 2
    • Netflix


      Google, Amazon
      Is king size life possible in 3 BHK flat? I don’t see that kind of income getting you a nice single family house in Bangalore.
      Oct 18, 2019
    • Google / Eng dasgupta
      I mean you are not going to be living like amabanis but yes 50L puts you in top bracket in India and you can afford maid, driver, private schooling, rent a 3 bhk and eventually own one , get everything delivered to your doorsteps
      Oct 19, 2019
  • Cohesity wKrz04
    Single biggest thing that will help in this situation is not comparing to others in your circle in terms of where they work what car they drive etc. Agree that this is very hard to do when living among a big Desi community. Any time you meet any other Desi there is very high probability that questions like what do you do, where does your spouse work come up with in first 5 mins of talking.
    But if you take a step back and look at what is important for you to be happy, I think most of the things you think about will change. There are wonderful folks, working as teachers, police, etc, doing a lot more to the community and being paid a lot less than software engineers IMHO.
    Following TC race is never ending. Find the things that makes and keep you happy should be the guiding principle IMO
    Oct 18, 2019 0
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  • LinkedIn XVbs76
    Please don’t give up yet. You seem to have the right attitude to achieve the brinksmanship involved in interviewing for tech. It is really not that difficult to get ‘a’ job in our industry. It may seem hopeless, but it does get easy once you break through. Also the ROI on interviewing in tech and securing a job is huge in the Bay Area. Many magnitudes more than any other place in the world.
    Oct 18, 2019 1
    • New FzgP70
      Kind words , thank you.
      Oct 18, 2019
  • SAP tiipo
    Why not move to other cheaper city in US. Even seattle has lower COL and no state income tax.
    Oct 18, 2019 1
    • Amazon kmcY20
      +1 Bay Area or India seems like a false choice. There are many less expensive places to live where your husband's income won't decrease as much as the cost of living will. Probably more than 90% of American families would find it impossible to live in the Bay Area on their current income (myself included).
      Oct 18, 2019
  • Cisco glickkk
    Definitely get a job. You seem to be putting the effort and your husband supports it. Get a job, experience living comfortably in the Bay Area and then make a decision.
    Oct 18, 2019 1
    • New FzgP70
      Thank you for your support . I will certainly try .
      Oct 18, 2019
  • Amazon jeefff
    Going back to India is always a best option. There are plenty of opportunities back in India. Also you both would live a really happy and contented life back there than here on one income.

    But if you want to stay here make some money and then go back to India then I can may be boost up your confidence.

    Let me first tell you that there are plenty of open positions here in Bay Area. All you have to do is select one stream and figure out what has to be done to clear those interviews.

    That is the stressful part to figure out what should be prepared and from where. Because you never really are sure if you are on the right path or not.

    I was doing masters from a tier 3 university having fun until I realized I need to find a job. I had 6 months for my graduation and I had to start somewhere. Just like I told you I gathered information about the process of interviews in different companies for SWE.

    I started Leetcode I solved 400 questions in 6 months as I knew only that could help me. I was not sure if I was peeping the right way because except for Leetcode I didn’t knew anything.

    I put all my energy into practicing data structures on Leetcode for all six months. I interviewed around 7-8 of tier 2 and tier 3 companies . I failed miserably as they asked few technology based questions and I have never worked on them. I was only able to solve data structures problem that too only in Python. If they expected something else I couldn’t as I didn’t know. Also I had applied to more than 1000 companies on their websites.

    I was depressed and someone told me that people are getting amazon calls easily as they have lots of openings. I was not even confident to crack the interview but I just applied as getting calls is really tough just wanted to try my luck.

    I got a coding challenge on 15th May and I cleared that as it was already floating around on internet as amazon question and I had prepared for it. I had a phone interview after that I cleared that too. Again it was a famous amazon question you can find on Leetcode.

    Unexpectedly I got onsite call and I cleared it. On 30th May I had offer.

    The whole point of telling you this was one step before I quit working hard I was so close to success. It’s just know what you are doing . Just believe and do it . Job hunt done well for 3 months is sufficient for preparation and applying. Just know what you want and what is required for that.

    You will find a job it’s not that hard.
    But if you still feel like going to India. Believe me staying in a city like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad will give you much more happiness along with all the luxury you need.
    Oct 19, 2019 0
  • Fastmail ey12
    Well, why can't you move away from the Bay Area and look for a job in Texas or some place else. Plenty of Indians doing so all over three place
    Oct 18, 2019 0
  • PayPal YFIn28
    You can do it on one income, the biggest expense in the Bay Area is housing, if you can find something for under 3k u can make it on one income.
    Oct 18, 2019 1
    • New FzgP70
      I see . Can we have better standard of living in India as compared to the situation here . Like being away from every one , poor standard of living and even then not winning it and being at the bottom of the pyramid.
      Oct 18, 2019


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