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Fifth Third Bank / Data MsMaisel
Jan 23 12 Comments

I’m working as a data scientist at FTB for two years now. I also have 1.5 yrs of experience in a startup prior to coming to US. I’m looking for data science roles outside banking but haven’t had much luck yet. Rejected by Facebook after onsite and Uber recruiter ghosted. Planning to pause my job search for few months and build a strong profile - does winning kaggle competitions help in getting job? Do AWS/GCP certifications matter?


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  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    Why? What’s wrong with ftb, mr job hopper?
    Jan 23 6
    • Fifth Third Bank / Data MsMaisel
      What’s the whole point of coming up with new ideas when the marketing team isn’t implementing proposed strategies citing that they don’t have resources. What should I pitch when there is no IT support since 7 months.
      You seem to have a lot of ideas. Our VP position is vacant if you want to fill
      Jan 23
    • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
      I try to sell my ideas. It’s very difficult. It’s the only way though.
      Jan 23
  • Neurocrine gTz29
    Kaggle won't help in getting a DS job
    Jan 23 3
    • Neurocrine gTz29
      Nothing, seriously.
      Jan 23
    • UBS nMQg64
      I disagree. Showing good kaggle rating helps a lot. It is also very hard to achieve, and you become a good data scientist.
      Jan 23
  • Walmart WgQa41
    Jan 23 0


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