No reply from Tesla recruiter after initial mail

GetInsured hailsatan
Jan 16 6 Comments

A tesla recruiter emailed me at about 4 days ago that she has reviewed my resume and would like to set up a phone call to talk about the position. I replied back to her with my availability and phone number. It’s been 4 days now, no reply from her. I’m new to the job market, is this how recruiters works? How long should I wait before asking her for an update?


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  • Tesla 🐉⛈
    Possible they might not be at Tesla anymore lol.
    Jan 16 1
    • GetInsured hailsatan
      Oh shiddd hahaha!
      Jan 16
  • Amazon HdYQ81
    Sometimes it’s an honest mistake and they overlook your message. You should reply and check in. If she still ignores you, then she just sucks.
    Jan 16 1
    • GetInsured hailsatan
      Sure, thank you 😊
      Jan 16
  • Tesla odRR13
    It’s normal for recruiters to take a few days to coordinate the dates and times. Maybe he/she is on PTO. Or maybe it’s one of the gazillion other reasons. Tesla’s recruiting team is overloaded - not enough recruiters and too many open positions. Be patient and ping him/her in a week.
    Jan 18 0
  • Amazon piped boy
    Jan 16 0


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