Oculus vs Aurora Innovation

Oct 1, 2019 2 Comments

Will soon be interviewing at Oculus and Aurora Innovation (by Chris Urmson) on-site. Wondering how the 2 places are work culture and WLB wise?

How is Oculus doing in VR space currently and is VR space growing or stagnant or going down recently? How do Oculus guys feel about it?

Similarly how is Aurora Innovation doing in the field of Autonomous Driving recently? Is the company stable?

I am personally more interested in Autonomous Driving space but it is quite capital intensive and I wonder if Aurora can make it in the long run. The talent at Aurora is world class though - perhaps the best among all new AD companies (not counting old and stable Waymo).


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  • Aurora SMC007
    Things are going well at Aurora.
    Feel free to DM me!
    Oct 2, 2019 0
  • New yNWn24
    VR industry seems to cool down compared to previous years, yet Oculus has made several significant progress under the hood recently, after Quest has been published. They are also making AR glasses which is another plus.
    Oct 2, 2019 0


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