One week discrepancy in background check

New niyruu
Jan 8 4 Comments

I have a one week discrepancy in starting date for one of my past experience and am wondering if this will cause me to fail background check? The reason for the discrepancy was that I had used the starting date on my contract on my resume but forgot that I was verbally told to start one week later as the company had put in a new policy for people to start on first day of the month.

Would this cause me to fail background check?


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  • Salesforce brHq56
    Employers are interested in if you’re like a convicted felon, sex offender or something, not if you mistake a date by 1 week
    Jan 8 0
  • Sorry sir/madam, you failed the background check. Better luck next time.

    On a serious note, they wont fail the check. They might come back and ask for an explanation. Just tell them whatever happened, you should be fine.
    Most probably you will pass without any concern.

    Not a big deal! All the best
    Jan 8 0
  • B. Coast
    well that would be a one month difference
    and probably not, but you can just tell them if they come back and ask you to explain it.
    Jan 10 0
  • Worry if you have a criminal record. Otherwise, a week is nothing and no one really cares
    Jan 8 0


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