PIP at Apple?

Jan 16 12 Comments

I keep hearing about PIP at Amazon and Facebook.

What about Apple? Is there a rigorous PIP program there? (ofcourse people who majorly underperform will be fired or PIPed)


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  • What?
    Jan 16 4
  • Apple ajshdgf
    One of my colleague in a sister team was walked out instantly due to his performance two years ago. I haven’t heard of any other case ever since. He wasn’t on PIP. It was weird.
    Jan 16 2
    • Apple vaporize
      What was he doing ? I mean how bad was his performance ?
      Jan 16
    • Apple ajshdgf
      He was performing good! It was a shock to the entire team. No one knows the specific details, except for the fact that he wasn’t on PIP.
      Jan 16
  • Apple bhwco
    The manager normally will make false statement and with false whiteness. Document and collect evidence and get them into EEOC.
    Jan 16 1
  • Apple LC->TC
    There is a similar program but I’ve never heard it being used, have seen performance-related firings though
    Jan 16 0
  • Apple hummus29
    It’s there but uncommon
    Jan 16 0


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