Recommend me EE jobs thats not through contracting firm

Nov 18, 2018 4 Comments

I can’t believe how little there are for Electrical Engineer positions in Seattle. Aside from Microsoft, Amazon, all hardware jobs I see are from contract-to-hire business companies. And imo they tend to have lesser pay, and/or strong separation from clients.

I’m open to non-big tech companies. I just applied to Amazon MSFT Paccar UW Samsung Honeywell...

And I can’t pass security clearance, as I am not a US Citizen. So Boeing or government related companies are a no-go. I’m sure I can find something....
If anyone knows good companies hiring EEs, please let me know. Thanks.

request tax: TC panasonic as contractor 55k GA 1yoe


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  • F5 Networks / Eng etcd
    We hire EE grads. Have a hardware team in Spokane and a few teams in Seattle. Most EE grads also work on Networking at F5, these are slightly more towards Software.

    Let me know if you need a referral.
    Nov 18, 2018 3
    • OP
      I will check back at the company later. Thanks again!
      Nov 19, 2018
    • F5 Networks / Eng etcd
      As long as it's still posted, it must be open. Message me if you're still interested in that role.
      Nov 19, 2018


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