SWE salaries are about to cool down

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Feb 13 52 Comments

Looks like the days of strong compensation packages are numbered.
Companies want to hire more remote workers which puts downward pressure on those who do work in a physical location.

Time to dust off the GMAT study guides.



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TOP 52 Comments
  • He has two jobs just to make ends meet
    Feb 13 1
  • Microsoft teslacoin
    Finally - I believe software engineers are truly overpaid
    Feb 13 5
    • CoverMyMeds llamaskate
      As a SWE in flyover country that's been making Bay-area-level base comp for the last couple years, yeah, I feel over paid. I'm very good at what I do but the CoL here means I'm actively one of the people driving it up for others. It doesn't help that Bay folks are moving back here in droves. I really don't want my hometown to turn into a Midwestern SF where the only geographical boon it has to offset that is a muddy river in the middle of it and a slightly less muddy river through the rich neighborhoods
      Feb 13
    • IBM Lid
      I’d much rather see the money created from software go to giving the executives a million dollar raise instead.
      Feb 14
  • Microsoft megamanX
    Great! The bay sucks. I would much rather live and work in fly over country.
    Feb 13 0
  • Apple / Other cope
    The reality is the interview bar is just too low now. The LC questions asked need to be harder otherwise the company won't grow.
    Feb 13 9
    • Ubisoft yLcC27
      "When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure."

      That's what LC is becoming. The correlation between LC ability and true programming is getting closer to 0. If you make it hard then even good people won't bother.
      Feb 13
    • There is no such thing as a "good dev". There are only smart people.
      Feb 13
  • Sony CTtQ73
    I welcome it. I see nothing so special about the Bay Area that I should have to endure what anywhere else is a middle class lifestyle, just to make a decent TC. There are places elsewhere in the US and California where you can have a much better life with less money, but the FAANGs all want to stay in the Bay and certain privileged cities.

    It makes some sense when you are a startup and trying to get funding, that you want to be near the people who write checks, but after that? Why not find a town near a couple colleges with decent CS programs and some desirable outdoor activities, or better yet, just go like 90% distributed workforce. It fucking 2020.

    Yes, overall salaries will go down, but there will be more relatively high salaried jobs available from low COL areas.
    Feb 13 1
    • People seem to think you need computer science when most problems just need a script.
      Feb 13
  • Microsoft teslacoin
    Honestly that area where twitter is and Uber is - I am scared to even walk around - homeless and open poop and mentally ill , outnumber software engineers- it’s sad and depressing- how did San Francisco turn out to be costly when you cannot step out of your home without seeing someone shouting or running behind you.
    Feb 13 4
    • NASA / Eng flatearth
      Probably because all of the very highly paid software engineers moved in and pushed out the now homeless population.
      Feb 13
    • Cox Automotive bigOoO
      Feb 13
  • Microsoft 10c5292v
    HashiCorp estimates they save $10-15k per year by being distributed and avoiding real estate. That's It? I would have expected it to be higher.
    Feb 13 8
    • Indeed rainwater
      I think 10-15k per employee sounds a little low but within ballpark. Either they underpay in SF or pay quite well for remote, hence a smaller difference
      Feb 13
    • CoverMyMeds llamaskate
      The bay area shops that I've applied for remote, or that have opened shops here pay almost SF level TC so they don't have to compete as much with the other pre-existing big hitters in town.
      Feb 13
  • WeWork WeTried
    Top talent in SF is not attracted to Twitter unless the money is ridiculous? Shocker.
    Feb 13 0
  • Facebook / Eng odnr
    Remote massively drops productivity. Have yet to see a whiteboard discussion replicated well virtually
    Feb 13 6
    • Facebook / Eng odnr
      I didn't knew people even work at IBM. When I was there I worked 2-3 hours per week in busy seasons. Most other weeks I was at the gym working out
      Feb 14
    • IBM Lid
      That’s probably true. So slow and inefficient that I could’ve sat at home playing video games half my day and no one would have batted an eye. Had to get out of there.
      Feb 15
  • Oracle


    I see a bunch of sour grapes. Probably it’s good that Twitter moves out so others can take its market share.
    This Dorsey guy does nothing but just Tweets about random ideas.
    Feb 13 0


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