Second AWS phone screen - only 22 min

Aug 20, 2018 4 Comments

I had an odd interview on my second loop with AWS and wondered if anyone has had similar.

Random Sidebar thought - AWS recruiting is fast!

Amazons interview process from internal recommendation to phone screens is very quick. In both cases it was 5 days at most from recommendation to recruiter screen, then 3-4 days to first tech screen. With over 500k employees that is impressive. I am told with MS it can take up to 6 months even with an internal referral. As a company with under 200k employees that should be embarrassing.

First Interview Loop - AWS Team is great and my bar raiser is someone I follow:

I had a first loop for TAM (as I have moderate AWS experience and initially thought that would be a logical AWS starting point) - had the phone tech screen and went onsite for the 1/2 day. The entire process was excellent, teams were great. The bar raiser and I had a heart to heart and he felt I should go ahead and apply for an SA role instead. So later that day I got the call and the team concurred. I even was surprised to meet as my bar raiser someone who i follow a lot (medium, aws vids, etc) and respect.

Second Interview Loop - Tech screen great, Second call WTH just happened!!:

After a week I thought I found my ideal role to get into AWS - SA for Microsoft Products. As I am deep on AD, ADFS and Okta my thinking is that this is a good fit. I have 15+ YOE Consulting, 6 with Azure on Enterprise level. I have been designing and deploying AD, Exchange, System Center, VMM and Vmware since the products first came out.

The recruiter call and the initial tech phone screens were great. I got along very well with my tech interviewer and felt this could be a great fit.

I was told that there would be a second phone screen on leadership with the hiring manager for another 60 min. As I have done the previous loop for TAM and been over the leadership questions I thought I knew what to expect.


I dialed in and waited for 6-8 min. When the HM got online he said hi and asked right away if i had any questions. I was surprised as this is normally at the end but I asked some and felt he was not really paying attention. It seemed he was stalling and looking for my info packet.

He asked about my last project and a leadership question - one i had 2x before.

He asked if i had any other questions. I maybe asked 1 or 2 then he said he had to go and hung up.

The whole call took 22 minutes from when he joined the conference!

I was hoping he was having a bad day and we would meet again onsite. But during the whole time, although he was polite, I felt he was not listening and just wanted to get off the call.

As expected a day later I got the standard rejection email. I sent a detailed email to the recruiters who said they were surprised, also never got clarity on why it was 30 min and a promise to follow up with the team. I do not really expect them to do anything as he is also the hiring manager but I wanted them to know.

If I fail an interview - i own it. But to have a choice made for reasons unknown based on 20 minutes was a bit much. I have interviewed people for many years and am always considerate that I am having an impact on that persons career and always treat them with respect. Also I know I am a representative of the company for this person and want them to leave with a positive impression of the company even if they do not get the job.

Anyway - my question is - has anyone had this type of thing happen during an AWS phone screen?


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  • Facebook misaeng
    tl;dr please
    Aug 20, 2018 0
  • LinkedIn ogacihc
    Sometimes this just happens at companies. Maybe he didn’t like your resume or had someone else in mind or was just a prick. It sucks - I’m sorry, don’t take it personally. Interviews aren’t a perfect process - often times they’re just as much of a crapshoot. Consider yourself lucky for not working for someone like that guy and try again! Def ask the recruiters if there are other opps on other teams
    Aug 20, 2018 0
  • Amazon / Other OGFx60
    22 minutes? You’re done. Don’t hold your breath.
    Sep 21, 2018 0
  • Yes, this happened to me last year..but I got an on-site interview though
    Aug 20, 2018 0


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