Seeking job opportunities (mechanical/product/design/manufacturing/operations)

New cs96
Jan 5 7 Comments

I am a recent graduate with Master's in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University-College Station.

I have been applying for job opportunities suitable for my profile. Had interviews with Apple ( NPI Operations Program Manager) and Tesla ( project engineer- process development). But nothing worked out in 6 months.

Work Experience:
Process and Mechanical Engineering Intern- Doris Engineering - 1 year
Manufacturing Engineer Internship at Scania Automative - 6 months
Operations Management Intern- Mining company - 3 months
Design Engineering Intern - government institution - 3 months

Key Projects:
1. Design and Prototype of Hoverboard - based on hyperloop one - magnetic levitation
2. Detection of failures in pipelines due to corrosion using ML, Tensor Flow and MATLAB.

Any suggestions, leads and referrals are appreciated.


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  • Micron deekp
    1. Apply to where you had interned before.
    2. Chill out and go for a PhD. Much larger long term returns.
    Jan 6 4
    • Micron deekp
      You would need to get MBA from great college. Otherwise, a PhD will take you a lot farther in your career.
      Jan 7
    • Lam Research

      Lam Research

      Applied Materials
      Actually don’t recommend a PhD if you know for sure you won’t go to academia. In industry most jobs can be done without a PhD.
      Jan 9
  • HPE QdOv41
    Did you try the Boring Company?
    Jan 6 1
    • New cs96
      Applied but never received anything from the company. if you have any leads, please let me know.
      Jan 6


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