Apr 16, 2019 657 Comments

0: Google, Facebook, Netflix
1: Uber, Airbnb, Apple, LinkedIn
2. Dropbox, Lyft, Square
3: Microsoft, Amazon, Pinterest, Twitter, Slack, Stripe
4: Salesforce, Yelp, Bloomberg, Adobe, Box, Tesla, Indeed, Splunk
5: Zillow, Oracle, IBM, VMWare, SAP, Twilio, Tableau, Glassdoor, Walmart Labs
6: Everything else

Based on TC, annual refreshers, benefits, career opportunities and prestige.

TC: 300k


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TOP 657 Comments
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
    Here we go again. Prestige list
    Apr 16, 2019 36
    • Amazon bbbmmmm
      Sounds like Oath’s jimmies have been rustled
      Apr 19, 2019
    • Facebook / Eng

      Facebook Eng

      Do you people plan to work at the same company for the rest of your life? If not, why do you take comments against your company so personally ?
      Apr 20, 2019
  • Uber SDDD
    This is from Glassdoor, so I consider it accurate and authoritative
    Apr 16, 2019 7
    • DoorDash 9jElbqHr
      Not everyone is gifted with the ability to spot sarcasm on their first attempt.
      Apr 18, 2019
    • Tableau / Eng

      Tableau Eng

      Well, there's at least 99 people that did....
      Apr 18, 2019
  • Apple / Eng fruitco334
    This list is cracked out. Not even shilling for Apple here or whatever (don’t @ me) but Pinterest, Slack = AWS? Adobe on the same level as YELP? Tesla in tier 4?? No nvidia? Get the fuck out of here.

    Also Facebook is a garbage company, with a garbage product and shit tier prestige. Fight me.
    Apr 17, 2019 23
    • ArchitectsLOCAL djen
      facebook trash, intel not going to produce 5g modems so it won't be a problem in the future
      Apr 18, 2019
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      So, did you want Adobe and NVIDIA above Yelp?
      May 29, 2019
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
    Are you just naming companies you’ve heard of?
    Apr 16, 2019 9
    • Microsoft hackeddd
      No I’m talking about past grievances you’re ok in this thread
      Apr 17, 2019
    • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
      Thanks for being a fan
      Apr 17, 2019
  • Amazon


    Square, Lyft, Dropbox? LOL. What is this a wish list of higher TCs? If that’s the case then Twitter can beat your number 1 and SAP shouldn’t even be on this list. Prestige wise I will rate Microsoft and Amazon at number 1 - going by 15 years in tech, I can tell big companies and higher technical bar matters. The tech bar at FAANG is well established so no question I will hire person from the same bucket (FAANG).
    Apr 17, 2019 13
    • Amazon UKBV06
      @Amazon people in here, you guys know we gave out new grad FT offers without phone/in person screens right? Just for passing an online assessment. Read the SP wiki... the bar is really low
      Apr 17, 2019
    • Lol. I got an offer from both Amazon and an Amazon subsidiary. Not only were the interviews the easiest, but the offers were the lowest.

      I don’t have any hatred for Amazon, but just because you guys have solid products and operate at a large scale does not mean that the perks, pay, and interview difficulty aren’t consistently reported to be (relatively) low compared to other top tech companies.

      The point is, if Amazon is clamoring for people and is the easiest to get hired into out of a list of 10 companies, then it’s the least prestigious out of that list.

      Does that mean it isn’t prestigious AT ALL and doesn’t beat MOST companies? No. Does that mean they don’t do good work? No. Does that mean it’s not prestigious relative to other top companies? Yes.
      Apr 18, 2019
  • Shutterstock kudabobb
    Lyft is running on AWS because they weren't smart enough to do the data center work themselves. Why would they rank higher than Amazon?
    Apr 17, 2019 24
    • Shutterstock kudabobb
      TC or gtfo
      Apr 18, 2019
    • Shutterstock kudabobb
      Uber's still trash
      Apr 18, 2019
  • Airbnb prqecnlfjk
    Airbnb should be tier 0. Biggest offers right now, profitable, and hiring bar is insanely high.
    Apr 17, 2019 8
    • LinkedIn / Eng sane17
      I had offer from Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, open door and coinbase. My best interview was at Airbnb by a mile, however it had the least offer
      Apr 18, 2019
    • Airbnb AriSafari
      Except that working here sucks and our technical problems are really boring. I’d say tier 3. Only saving grace is pay.
      Apr 19, 2019
  • Amazon 772&!:$$
    Dude who gives a fuck just go to where you get the best offer and have the most fun
    Apr 17, 2019 9
    • Microsoft iiieeegemm
      @j3ffbezos ....says the guy at Amazon... For some weird reason
      Apr 17, 2019
    • Amazon ThatGuy3
      I joined Amazon with starry eyes imagining working across cutting tech and brilliant people to deliver massive value to our customers. I had no idea what actually goes on on the inside. Its such a Wizard of Oz moment when the spell finally breaks.
      Apr 17, 2019
  • Homeaway girlp0w3r
    Microsoft and Amazon belong in 2
    Apr 16, 2019 4
    • Google xtFP08
      Amazon does. MSFT is too wlb to be on the same tier
      Apr 17, 2019
    • Glassdoor lazu
      You idiot, glassdoor is tier 15
      Apr 17, 2019
  • Amazon dotard
    Lol fb
    Apr 17, 2019 11
    • Datto, Inc. / R&D Klokov_v2
      Uhm Leslie Lamport is a Turing award winner and he worked at MS Research.
      Apr 18, 2019
    • Microsoft FucMatlab
      The companies leading in charge of AI are MS & Google, the only two companies with Quantum research.

      Also “war machine”?? What??? That research has been going on for a while through Raytheon, DOD through academia etc. By the time industry gets involved in any govt plans, the project has already been long researched on the academic side, NSF hello!!

      Also what??? You realize top level researchers are at every major industry research department. Good lord, you’re obviously not a PhD with a statement like that.
      Apr 18, 2019


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