Targetting High Paying Companies

Jan 20 32 Comments


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  • Facebook hblk
    Why is Dropbox Pinterest risky but Amazon is stable?
    Jan 20 6
    • Amazon OyQW43
      In reality yes, as long as you have competing offer. Perks part I agree.
      Jan 20
    • F5 Networks xnign
      When the next recession hit, those risky companies stocks probably get cut 50-90%. Some might even go under.
      Jan 20
  • New CJwV33
    Amzn, fb, and apple can be high pressure, so probably doesn’t fit under the “stable” category. Unless by “stable” you are referring to company stability rather than job stability
    Jan 20 0
  • Amazon bobifkdnx
    probably the 2nd category?

    can add Oracle cloud but not sure which category these days
    Jan 20 0
  • Ironclad / Legal ⌐(ಠ۾ಠ)¬
    What's wrong with Microsoft?
    Jan 20 4
    • Ironclad / Legal ⌐(ಠ۾ಠ)¬
      How about comparing to doordash?
      Jan 20
    • DoorDash dvvkigsx
      Sure. Even dd pays better for software engineers than microsoft. Though rsu comp is not liquid right now.
      Jan 20
  • EATON / Eng LCMonkey
    It's not just TC, you also need to consider learning potential. For example: work at companies like Salesforce is super shit but yeah pays well and has good WLB in general. But you won't learn anything new or technically challenging there. Up to you how you would like to balance..
    Jan 21 0
  • Amazon ggameover
    I thought Tableau/Salesforce wouldn’t match FAANG?
    Jan 20 2
    • Microsoft codingGuru
      They don’t?
      Jan 20
    • Microsoft Chym06
      Salesforce can beat Amazon and Microsoft offer certainly
      Jan 20
  • LinkedIn iwndn
    Google has not stopped showing pinterest results in search..are you high? Can you post your source for this news?
    Jan 21 0
  • Uber AxqF54
    Pinterest, Snap, Uber, Lyft have already Ipo and the stock price is back from the bottom. I won't recommend if you're considering a job for next 10 years but you'll be totally fine for next 2-3 yrs. Especially they usually offer 10-20% more TC compared with FG which compensates the volatility.
    Jan 21 0
  • Facebook catslol
    Jan 20 0
  • Airbnb qwemnbpoi
    To address your comment about IPO, Airbnb publicly announced last year plans to IPO in 2020.
    Jan 21 1
    • Microsoft codingGuru
      Still the risk of stock tanking..
      Jan 21