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Oct 27, 2019 14 Comments

Hey everybody, I currently live in the bay area and consodering moving to Chicago due to the cost of living. Anybody here who works as a data scientist over there? What are the salaries and job opportunities like? Thanks


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  • Box xoda
    Salaries, not even close. I’d guess you’d make 1/2 what you do in the Bay Area. Companies there do not hand out RSUs like they do here. Job ops, not even close. Most companies in Chicago are “proven” old school (think insurance, financial trading, advertising, wealth management, etc) which to me means less exciting work and low growth opportunity. The vibe in Chicago is much more flashy— you’ll be getting paid half as much but playing keeping up with the joneses. You will be shocked at how high the COL is in Chicago
    — you’ll still pay 4500 a month for a newer 2 BD 2 BR apartment close to work downtown. Also, their taxes are super high and it’s 100% bitter cold and gray skies 6 months out of the year. Why would you move from the bay to there?
    Oct 27, 2019 4
    • Aspect AvKW75
      4500 for 2bed 2bath. I would love a bit of what you are smoking
      Oct 27, 2019
    • Box xoda
      Look up anything in river north, west loop, old town in a newer building.
      Oct 27, 2019
  • Facebook / Eng GxrR33
    Pretty sure @xoda is clueless lol
    Oct 27, 2019 0
  • McKesson / Eng

    McKesson Eng

    Freelancer, Amazon
    Have you heard of Indeed?
    Oct 27, 2019 1
  • Facebook fbbob
    Not a data scientist but the tech scene is here is booming - lots of FAANGMULAS with presence and growing offices
    Oct 27, 2019 0
  • Morningstar dLGb02
    What’s your level of experience?

    The tech scene is definitely getting better, especially with regards to larger tech companies opening offices, but it’s not close to ny/sf honestly in terms of number of positions and pay
    Oct 27, 2019 1
    • New / Eng chifin
      I agree. Finance is the best industry I've found here, in terms of TC, perks and WLB
      Oct 27, 2019
  • Microsoft pAhW56
    What FAANG type companies have offices in Chicago with SDE roles?
    Oct 27, 2019 2
    • Fastmail mi-gente
      Old McDonald's had a big mac E-I-E-I-O
      Oct 27, 2019
    • Dropbox tKDR12
      Oct 27, 2019


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