Thinking of moving

Jun 12, 2018 14 Comments

7 yeo, tc 460

- Hard and exciting technical challenges
- Push my limits (WLB is not a requirement - yet)
- Med risk appetite (on visa - so no vaporware)
- No need for immediate cash
- Looking for growth (career as well as option/rsu)

_____ FINTECH _____

_____ GIG _____

_____ LOGISTICS _____
WayMo (Google)
someSelfDrivingStartup (Nuro AI, Driver AI, Uber ATG, etc)

- Went through breakOutList and several other hotStartups list. Looking for companies that have potential to 10x revenue in the next 10 years.
- FANG not in this list since I doubt think they will 10x in next 10 years.
- AI startups: not sure how these guys will compete against faang/msft without data and compute advantages.

Looks like there are not a lot of options around. Did I miss any other obvious choices?


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  • Nextdoor / Other kubernete
    You missed 👆🏻
    Jun 12, 2018 0
  • OpenDoor gRpR21
    Jun 12, 2018 1
    • Flexport uattr1t
      DM me if you want a referral, OP.
      Jun 20, 2018 0
    • Microsoft JayZee
      OP your staff at Uber?
      Jun 16, 2018 0
    • Uber sidhhxs
      I am in exactly the same situation. Op are you also in your 4th year at Uber?
      Jun 12, 2018 0
    • Microsoft O366
      Atleast a couple of cloud providers are expected to see 10x revenue growth over 10years.
      Jun 12, 2018 0
    • Rubicon Project / Eng pikachu88
      Uber doesn’t have hard technical challenges???
      Jun 12, 2018 2
      • Uber TgWL14
        It does - A lot - and I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. But being post 2015 joinee, the sweat-to-rsu conversation-rate is not great since uncertainties have reduced.
        Jun 12, 2018
      • Rubicon Project / Eng pikachu88
        Don’t u want to wait until ipo next year?
        Jun 12, 2018
    • Coinbase gWHB03
      Can refer you to Coinbase!
      Oct 29, 2018 1
      • Amazon nikiko
        What is Coinbase doing now that BTC is over
        Aug 1, 2019
    • Facebook public
      This made me lol
      Jun 12, 2018 1
      • Uber TgWL14
        Are you talking about cloud provider growth? Or reasoning about faang not being in the list?
        Jun 12, 2018


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