Travel Nurse Recruiter

New iXYt00
Jan 22 5 Comments

Hey, Ive been offered a job as a travel nurse recruiter. It seems like a good job - but I’m curious to know the general opinion on travel nurse recruiters or if the community has any tips/tricks on how to start my career! #nursing #recruiter


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  • Dignity Health buckaboo49
    Be prepared to be scheduling airline tickets, scouring craigslist for housing and setting up car rentals for traveling nurses.
    Jan 22 0
  • Amazon yuh65h7
    It’s going to be just like agency recruiting.
    You are going to be expected to make 100 plus cold calls a day and probably be held to very strict kpis. I think with all agency type gigs they are a good way to break into recruiting if you don’t have any experience.
    But if you don’t eventually find a way into corporate recruiting your most likely looking at a long career of company hopping.
    Jan 22 0
  • Magellan Health CwkX88
    Is the company Clipboard Health?
    Jan 22 1
    • New iXYt00
      Nope! Randstad healthcare
      Jan 22
  • Nurses are really difficult to deal with, from a recruiting standpoint. They are generally unreliable in particular if they have ER experience.
    Jan 22 0


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