Unconventional profile for a Netflix senior data scientist role, can an insider advise?

New zlYR53
Mar 7, 2018 2 Comments

Im an ex Amazonian with a stem PhD, but no formal training in ML. I left Amazon and since bolstered my ML credibility.

Having friends who’ve made the move to Netflix, it seems likely I would be useful but I’m not sure where my profile would fit.

I would be grateful if an insider, especially someone with hiring experience on the science teams could check my CV and offer some advice.

You can message me directly for my CV or email me at jamesli@dr.com (throwaway email).


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  • Netflix / Eng BlndrThngs
    Anything over jobs.netflix.com that seems like a really good match for you?
    Mar 8, 2018 1
    • New zlYR53
      The “Senior Data Scientist” roles in “Original Content Promotion”, “Product Research”, and “Algorithm Experimentation and Analytics” seem like a good fit based on their descriptions. They fit my background working with giant amounts of user data.
      Mar 10, 2018


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