What are tech career switch options for NetSuite Administrator?

New mYsE52
Nov 11, 2019

Hi all, I have a diverse background in web development (on-campus job in my Masters), system administration (NetSuite, Atlassian products of Jira, Confluence, FishEye/Crucible). I also have exposure to DevOps role wherein we deployed new releases for web applications - codes being in batch script, Tomcat/Karaf instances, used Loadbalancer for gradual deployment of new release on different instances of an application(used F5), also used Chef automation scripts to deploy aws instances.
I have been learning and implementing Suitescript codes in NetSuite at my current job. (SuiteScript is based on JavaScript)
In my current position, I manage all applications related to NetSuite- the entire SCM-inventory management, product lifecycle, payment integrations of Stripe/PayPal with NetSuite & Shopify; I also manage couple of 3PL integrations with NetSuite, I manage the Shopify-NetSuite integration end-end. We use Celigo for most of the integrations. I am also familiar with Zendesk-NetSuite and Salesforce-NetSuite integrations. (both Celigo integrations)
Total yoe in NetSuite: 5 yrs
Overall yoe: 8 yrs
Current TC: :$110,000
What is my best career path from here?
I am 33 yrs old now and want to get into software engineering - more dev roles; rather than roles similar to my administrator experience. The reason: 1. The TC in dev positions are much higher. 2. I want to move in one of the FAANG companies like many others here... roles that are related to machine learning/AI.
I have started following lectrures of Deep Learning/Neural Networks by Andrew Ng.
I want to grow in a dev role related to this. Am I on the right path- i.e. learn about machine learning/AI, Pyton, get certified? Any other recommendations for me?


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