amazon exit interview, going to competitor

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Blinders - how is the exit interview at amazon? do they ask where are you going? also, does your manager ask the same question? i obviously do not want to burn the bridges, so looking for some advise, thanks!
currently at L6, going to G


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  • Nordstrom


    Its all online and its a survey that is useless.
    Feb 12 20
    • Microsoft ouija
      COBRA can be retroactive. Meaning if you don’t enroll for certain period and you get sick you can purchase insurance for past period. This will cost more, but you have the option to not purchase COBRA unless you need it.
      Feb 12
    • Workday


      What @xkemendi said. We made the mistake of paying for a month as a stopgap between jobs and wound up not using it so the 2k was wasted. We should have waited to see if we'd needed it first. I think you have like 45 days to make your first payment. Your Cobra packet will say.
  • Who is Amazon's competitor?
    Feb 12 11
    • Xilinx p0pcorn
      Cloud formation, azure, OVH (it is European), alibaba, baidu, Google Cloud....list goes on
      Feb 12
    • CBRE rfzj43
      Feb 12
  • F5 Networks RRA
    Amazon doesn't care that you're leaving. Don't worry about it. Just don't be a jerk to any individuals.
    Feb 12 2
    • Amazon / IT CAYA58
      Cool, I will leave nicely! 😊
      Feb 12
    • New / Eng stoffel
      Always the best way to leave - it’s a small world after all!
      Feb 12
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Comscore, Inc.
    How is Google a competitor?
    Feb 12 8
    • Amazon KbfW34
      Advertising, smart speakers, cloud services, product search...
      Feb 13
    • Walmart whisp3r
      Search! The primary engine of Amazon’s $14B advertising business is search ads — and that money is coming from Google’s share. As users shift their product-search activity to Amazon, advertisers are shifting their search-ad budgets.

      It’s the first serious threat to Google’s core business in a decade.
      Feb 14
  • Microsoft / Eng olv1112272
    1. Be honest. There is always a mix of money, work life balance and work environment (bad managers for example). It's better if you use that mix to answer the why, they already know is a competitive market so it's better to leave the door open to more money on a eventually return but also make clear that was not the only factor.
    2. Don't be rude or raw. If you boss is a dick, tell them there area improvement areas for management, that you felt unnapreciated, if they never promote you that you did not felt your work was appreciated, etc. You need to be direct and honest, but not need to be rude.
    3. Career focused exit. Tell them you are not learning anything new, and you are not growing, and that you are looking forward for your next role as a big step on your career, that could not me matched by money or work environment improvements. That set the stage if you return, you will be returning to a higher place.

    And finally don't stress out or put many energy on that, they already know you and everyone will be leaving some day, it is on the plan, everyone is replaceable.
    Feb 12 0
  • Facebook RazPutin
    Decline. They're not mandatory.
    Feb 12 1
    • Yelp / Eng sJJv80
      This x100. OP, you have nothing to gain by doing an exit interview.
      Feb 12
  • Burn the bridges
    Feb 12 2
    • Facebook codeyM
      It’s so hard to burn the bridge cause There was no bridge at all. We are not that important to the company
      Feb 12
    • It's sadly true. My manager explicitly told me that today in our 1:1 when I shared my concerns with him about a coworker leaving the team.
      Feb 12
  • Amazon BlindIy
    I never got an exit interview
    Feb 12 4
    • Amazon / IT CAYA58
      Thanks rpeGkg
      Feb 12
    • Amazon BlindIy
      My manager really didn’t care. I’m pretty sure they mostly hired me because of the legal concerns when I was a 1099 independent contractor. It was an indefinite contract, I came in every day, I had lots of oversight from managers including the time I was supposed to come in, and various performance metrics.
      Feb 12
  • Amazon diaosi2020
    u think amazon being so cheap will sue u for going to g? wake up dude, they cannot care less
    Feb 12 3
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    • Amazon syrjfosnxh
      Anything below L8 can easily be replaced so even if you are important to team or org. You are easily replaceable. So they won't care a lot
      Feb 12
    • Amazon / IT CAYA58
      Yup that’s what I am gathering from all the responses, and that exactly was the purpose of this question, thanks!
      Feb 12


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