can i get a DS job in seattle with these credentials

Oct 29, 2019 2 Comments

i currently work as an SR. analyst in seattle. total years of experience is 5 years, TC is ~100k. my work is mostly non DS work, so 75% of a lot of data pulls, excel, and trying to understand profit and growth. i would say maybe 25% of the work is R and that is used to build very simple models(logistic regression) when needed. since my role is non DS, i want to move to an offical DS role where i get to focus more on DS and be surrounded by data scientists.

Also, at the moment, im about 50% completed with a MS in data science from Northwestern.

any job change, i would need 110k to 120k+to make a move. Given my profile, am I a relatively decent candidate for an entry level DS job within my salary range in seattle? is it still true that most DS candidates are still the ph.Ds with tons of experience?

in my mind, id love to take an ‘applied scientist’ role that is often posted (microsoft or other companies etc)

would appreciate any feedback. at the moment, im just trying to understand where i stand in terms of competitiveness.


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    • Liberty Mutual Insurance semidevil
      Thanks for the response. I somehow mistakenly assumed that ‘applied scientist’ is the more ‘applied’ side of DS( as opposed to the theoretical machine learning researcher type role). I definitely wasn’t looking at the engineering background type of roles.
      Oct 29, 2019
    • Liberty Mutual Insurance semidevil
      Appreciate it!
      Oct 29, 2019


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