end of year review

New vfAQ85
Jan 16 5 Comments

ive been at my company for 4 months as their first sales hire and I got reviewed saying that I only met few expectations.

they told me I need to change my voice because its too monotone, im too laid back and do not have an executive presense, and work from home too much and optics are bad (I had worked from home 4 times and I have colleagues who work from home once a week)

what are your thoughts on this feedback?


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  • New keoq28
    I think you should act on the feedback! Is that all they told you? Or were you simplistic in your post? Anyway, you got some gems in there.

    First, as a salesperson it might hurt to have a monotonic voice. Maybe theater lessons could help you get more amplitude in tones and levels. Knowing how to speak well is great. Rhythm is also very important: knowing when to pause, to accelerate, etc.

    Executive presence is also very important. Commanding some respect, in how you handle yourself. I think I saw an interesting course on Linkedin on that.

    How did you do in terms or sales? Did you hit quota?

    These are all great learning opportunities for you. Try hard. See if you can get better! Ask for more details, and so on. Wdyt?
    Jan 16 0
  • Microsoft horizontal
    Get away from such company.
    Jan 16 0
  • First Republic Khorma
    @Op looks like you’re being managed out.
    Jan 19 2
    • New tjEW17
      What does “managed out” mean? I just went through a similar experience as OP recently. Feels like there’s something I’m missing.
      Feb 9
    • First Republic Khorma
      @New it means that they work actively to either get whatever changes they want or to follow the rules on separating you from the workplace.
      Feb 10


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