masks sold out at local Home Depot and drug store

New QaVo00
Jan 26 14 Comments

amazon too oretty much gone.

masks sold out at local Home Depot and drug store


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  • General Motors Camman6
    Guys, there are different versions of n95 masks. The ones at home depot are most likely for construction use to block particulates, not approved for medical use.
    Jan 26 3
    • Still better than a surgical mask though
      Jan 26
    • Facebook


      Google, Microsoft
      They're ok. N95 rating is for particles 0.3 microns; coronavirus is exactly 0.3.
      Jan 26
  • New QaVo00
    For hand sanitizer I guess this work?
    Jan 26 0
  • SAP tgxshn
    I don’t see a lot of people wearing them on the streets.. why are they gone already?
    Jan 26 2
    • Verizon Media Igpay02
      Airports are full of people wearing them.
      Jan 26
    • Bloomberg cg_ny
      In NYC lots of ppl are wearing them, on the streets, on the subway etc.
      Jan 26
    Winter is over. Everyone is starting their bathroom remodeling to be able to sell their house in spring. We all know these old houses in Silicon Valley May have asbestos or mold, therefore need masks
    Jan 26 1
    • New QaVo00
      FWIW drug store and my two local grocery stores were sold out too.
      Jan 26
  • Aspect AvKW75
    I have read that masks don't help. Need to wash hands more often
    Jan 26 1
    • Amazon zao-an
      I hear masks ON the infected person is what matters, so they stop coughing/sneezing and spreading the virus.

      Everyone else can still get infected from hands touching eyes, nose, mouth.

      So masks rely on infected people being considerate enough not to infect others. Good luck with this in the USA.
      Jan 26
  • Facebook public2
    Jan 26 0
  • What kind of mask should you buy? Is any mask would work?
    Jan 26 0


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