skin cancer?

Feb 13 17 Comments

ok as an asian fob who married a white husband, idk how big of a deal skin cancer is. he said its a quarter sized tumor on his neck. he’s getting a 45 min surgery in a month.

yes ill be nicer to him and stuff as i would if he has the flu but hes treating it like its a pimple. is he downplaying it or am i over-reacting?


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  • Uber / Eng jojorabbit
    Not sure what the Asian fob has to do with this.. Asians get cancer too..
    This is probably him dealing
    Feb 13 2
    • Amazon / Eng guiced-up
      nah only white americans get cancer right? 🤪
      Feb 14
    • Facebook nebbie
      Ha Ive never seen or heard of anyone who has had skin cancer growing up. Typically if anyone had cancer, it was stomach cancer almost always.
      Feb 14
  • Intuit rEpp28
    He may be downplaying it as a way to comfort you. My husband does that type of stuff to me all the time because I tend to panic.
    Feb 13 1
    • Facebook nebbie
      Hey, thank you for this
      Feb 14
  • Cruise Automation Jippy
    It all depends. I’ve lost friends to stage 4 melanoma that looked like 2-3 pimples. Please support your husband.
    Feb 13 0
  • Sounds semi serious
    Feb 13 0
  • Twitch ajvh25
    Quarter sized tumor on skin feels pretty serious.
    Feb 13 0
  • Intel / Strategy hbar
    Carcinoma or melanoma? The former is pretty manageable, the latter more serious.
    Feb 13 0
  • LinkedIn ztn
    As an asian why would you marry down?
    2d 1
  • Hard to tell but if the procedure is scheduled in a month probably not that serious. Doctors usually know what can wait and what can’t
    Feb 13 1
    • Twitch ajvh25
      True, could just be a fatty tumor.
      Feb 13
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

  • LinkedIn / Eng igotb&
    He could be fine or he could be dead in 18 months, ask the doctor.
    Feb 14 0


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