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Lumentum QA_414
Jan 31 11 Comments


Last fall I was contacted by a recruiter for a large tech company for a role that’s a perfect fit for me. I’ve been through at least 11 interviews over a 3 month period and I know they have reached out to at least 2 people in my professional network for references (which were glowing).

I’ve been waiting for a few weeks now for them to make an offer or pass. I heard back today and they want to go back over my salary requirements before they make their final decision.

I’m getting the feeling that their decision is being entirely based on comp and I’ve been very clear from the initial phone screen what my expectations are.

Part of me wants to throw my hands up in the air and say enough...I’m fine where I’m at they should be convincing me why I want to leave and go there. The other part is really excited about the role.

How to I approach this while keeping leverage? Any advice?


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  • Salesforce whorizon
    11 interviews are 5 too many.
    Jan 31 3
    • Lumentum QA_414
      You’re telling me
      Jan 31
    • American Express / Eng

      American Express Eng

      JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America
      Are you counting talking to Recruiter, HM in these interviews as well? If I count pre-onsite including recruiter and hm and onsite, Netflix has 11, Splunk has 9-11, Amazon has 7, LinkedIn has 9. It doesn't much this way.
      Jan 31
    • Lumentum QA_414
      I didn’t count the initial recruiter phone screen. These are the onsite/phone/Skype interviews.
      Jan 31
  • Verizon G.Jetson
    Tell them that their delay is causing them to fall behind in the schedule with the other companies you're interviewing with.
    Jan 31 2
    • Marin Software xOCX31
      Great answer
      Jan 31
    • Lumentum QA_414
      Thank you! They know I’m not looking. At this point I’m pretty sure this is it. I’m just concerned they are looking at this from a cost perspective and essentially have been wasting my time all along.
      Jan 31
  • Genentech elffy
    It's normal. You don't need to tell them a salary expectation. Ask them what the offer range is first and tell them you will tell them if it's in your acceptance range or not. Put it back on HR
    Jan 31 1
    • Lumentum QA_414
      Ive already given it 3 months ago and they had to go back to the hiring manager to confirm they could meet my expectation - which I was told they could.
      Jan 31
  • New DvVM00
    engage them.
    Jan 31 0
  • Danal NEeA70
    So what are they asking you for now? Just have the call and you’ll know.
    Jan 31 0