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Long story short: I interned at a bunch of companies as a Product Management Intern, and most recently worked as an APM at a small startup in SF for about 6 months where I basically just coasted and didn't learn shit.

➡fast forward

I (somehow) managed to pass the interviews for a global tech conglomerate and will be starting next week as an APM.

I still feel like I don't know shit about Product Management or wtf a PM even is supposed to do...

Hoping Blind can help me out with the following:

1. How can I add value to my team as an APM?
2. How do I make a good impression on my co-workers and my boss?
3. How do I get navigate the bureaucracy and politics of a large multinational org?
4. How do perf reviews work for an APM and how do I set myself up for success?

In before "TC or GTFO"

TC: 133k YOE: 1.5 (3 internships, 6 months as APM at a useless startup)

Trolls are welcome, but legit advice better come with it.


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  • J.R. Simplot deathbud
    Could be imposter syndrome but probably with .5 YOE u really don’t know shit, find a mentor
    Jul 30 0
  • Uber / Eng soviet🇷🇺
    Jul 29 0


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