Advice to get into FAANG

Fannie Mae / Eng mdarkroom
Feb 24 5 Comments

I am on h1b working as a contractor for a Contracting shop.

Been working for 7 years as a data analyst and have self taught Java, Spring, Angular since last 1 year. I am so hooked to coding that recently i got a consulting offer as jr. Software dev and took it in-spite of a pay cut. I really need some advice on how to get into FAANG and navigate my career.

I have a BE, MS in Mechanical Engineering.


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  • Wells Fargo gyut
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  • Facebook / Other

    Facebook Other

    "I am so hooked to coding". In the last one year ? Sounds like you weren't "coding" before. What kind of contracting were you into?
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  • New GtLJ67
    Once you get an interview all you need is leet. To get an interview you either need a referral or a sexy resume.
    Feb 24 0
  • SAP tiipo
    Work and Learn a lot in your job. Also, tech stack you know currently should be enough for a faang job. Look for opportunities to perform beyond your level. Also , start with CTCI and EPI and then keep grinding leetcode.
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  • Nvidia gJrX21
    Is it that easy to get into FAANG with H1B and irrelevant experience ?
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