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VMware helphelp
Jun 21 10 Comments

I recently cleared the interview stage with Airbnb. And I'm now in the team matching phase. I am seeking suggestions on which teams are the best in terms of technically challenging work, opportunities to build systems from scratch, take ownership of projects and of course in terms of impact. Any new teams being setup working on something cool?

Since Airbnb has grown tremendously in the last few years, are there still enough opportunities to learn and grow at a fast pace?

My interests lie in distributed systems, infrastructure development, building scalable systems.

I am in talks with the Payments team and the financial reporting team so far.


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  • Is the phrase "to clear an interview" only used by Indians?
    Jun 21 6
    • Never heard it outside Blind. Most English speakers say "to pass an interview"
      Jun 21
    • Pretty sure it is not normal way to speak english. Clear means remove something. GE are you Indian?
      Jun 21
    • Intel shdjl
      They are an obstruction or unwanted item
      Jun 21
    • New / Eng he he
      Totally off topic, but you know what's annoying? "I bagged an offer from ___". It reminds me of knapsack problem. :/
      Jun 21
    • Apple onepunch
      It’s used by some other Asians too. Interviews are similar to exams - obstacles to the next step
      Jun 21
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • VMware helphelp
      Interviews - 1-2 technical phone screens. Onsite - 2 coding, 1 architecture, 1 project deep dive followed by 2 cross functional interviews.

      Coding - Focus is on getting a neat working solution which passes all tests. (Hint - LC)
      Architecture - Typical system design, but for an Airbnb relevant system
      Cross functional - Questions on culture fit
      Jun 22
  • Unity NcOr36
    I know the leadership in the infrastructure team is the best you can get. The IT team is led by really amazing people overall, though.
    Jun 21 0
  • Amazon leetboy
    Is your offer for SF?
    Jun 24 0