Amazon Irvine Compensation

Western Digital western_D
Jan 8 9 Comments

Hi, Can anyone from Amazon Irvine please share what would be the TC for L5 (8 YOE) SDE in Irvine?

I have an offer from bay area (TC: 260k); wanted to check if L5 (8 YOE) is paid same, more or less in Irvine.


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Amazon amazons
    Irvine is the same as Seattle, both less than Bay Area.
    Jan 9 3
    • Amazon EYSN81
      How much should Bay area sde2 expect ?
      Jan 9
    • Western Digital western_D
      Irvine and Seattle L5 TC max would be around 220k ?
      Jan 9
    • Amazon amazons
      Sounds about right. Bay Area about 15% more.
      Jan 9
  • Amazon jetsteam
    You should try L6 with 8YOE
    Jan 8 3
    • Western Digital western_D
      They said, L6 in 18months review. I asked for it though, answer was no at this time.
      Jan 8
    • New FGTRTD
      Everything that I've read about "promotion in X months" at Amazon says that it's BS. Search Blind.
      Jan 9
    • Amazon FoundThe
      Start your promotion doc within 6 months in. You may have enough at the 18th month mark. Dont wait till 18 months to start it. Dont just rely on your mgr to make it happen
      Jan 9
  • Blizzard others
    How was the interview there?
    Jan 8 0