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Hi all,
I got an offer from Amazon for L6, whose TC is about $300K (170K base, 210K cash over 2 years and 250K RSU over 4 years). My current TC at Apple is about $260K (150K base and others on bonus). My current role is sustaining PM whereas the Amazon offer is new product PM role (both for hardware). I’ve been wanting to do new product PM but I hear that work at Amazon could be less stressful and their RSU refresh is almost none.

Is it worthwhile making this change? Appreciate your feedback.

(All in bay area)


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  • Oracle


    Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook
    OCI future is cloudy
    When going to amazon is less stressful you know your job sucks
    Jul 24 0
  • Amazon bezos@
    Amazon caps out base at 160. How are you getting 170?
    Jul 24 3
    • Travelzoo deetcode
      Probably Bay Area.
      Jul 24
    • Apple decide1
      Bay area does not cap at 170. Seattle does.
      Jul 24
    • Nutanix ssnfk123
      Isn’t the cap 165 in Seattle? Bay Area cap is 185
      Jul 24
  • eBay Ywert
    Jul 24 0
  • Amazon / Other Skiahqx
    Jul 24 0
  • Amazon downlevel
    Amazon starting year 3 you get annual RSU grants that vests in 2 years. Therefore you do get “refreshers” but they work differently then other places.

    In the end of the day, each year starting at year 3 your TC will include the following:

    base salary
    vesting RSUs for that year
    base % increase (if you aren’t at cap)
    new RSU grant (vesting 2yrs out)
    RSU bonus (if you are base capped, but your Manager is awesome you might get them in addition to your base increase and you got a good performance rating that year) ***dont expect a lot maybe 1-10 RSUs***
    Jul 24 0
  • Apple decide1
    Breakdwon your TC at amazon so we can answer better. As amazon rsu vests different
    Jul 24 0


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