Amazon Lab126 work environment

Nokia kiutdgv
May 24 11 Comments

Hello Lab126, how is the device os group in Sunnyvale in terms of politics, work life balance.


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  • Google / Eng crdke
    Horrible. No wlb. Glad I left as soon as I could.
    May 24 0
  • Microsoft ajahsbn
    You have to come in weekends.
    May 24 0
  • New / Eng wm12
    All comments are coming from people that are not even working there. Blind is filled with false information now, inflated TC and rude/negative comments.
    May 28 0
  • Intel / Eng mr_pleb
    I think I've been recently contacted for this group too. Are they expanding or high turnover ?
    May 26 1
    • Intel AUOH65
      This was a few years ago, but I was on the Fire TV team and saw a lot of turnover.
      Sep 2
  • Nokia kiutdgv
    Is it generally the same for all lab126 or specially for device os.
    May 24 1
    • Google / Eng crdke
      Generally but especially for device os
      May 24
  • Amazon lab666
    I am counting the days until I leave. It is up on my whiteboard.
    Jun 19 0
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    I am in device org and collaborate a lot with lab126. I personally like it here and met a lot of great people. But i am on creative side
    May 25 0
  • Amazon lab666
    It sucks!
    May 25 0
  • New msgme
    Depends on the team but I would avoid it. See if you get offers from other amazon businesses
    May 24 0


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