Amazon SDE2 TC range in Seattle

New gvt23s
Jul 3 14 Comments

What are the min/median/max details for SDE2 positions in Seattle?


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  • Microsoft DinTaiFung
    I got 296k, I think that's the max
    Jul 3 9
    • Amazon brknHrt
      What do you mean by they started negotiating themselves?
      Jul 3
    • Microsoft DinTaiFung
      They kept topping eachother. I was happy with what I researched.
      Jul 3
    • Amazon / Eng Cali Juice
      @DinTaiFung what’s the breakdown of the 296k?
      Jul 3
    • Microsoft DinTaiFung
      Over 215k sign on cash over 2 years and 240k stock. 160k base. I'll DM the exact numbers if you like.
      Jul 3
    • Oracle / R&D TLead
      Wtf? I’m getting 261k TC with 2 YoE in Bay Area. I should have negotiated.
      Jul 4
  • Amazon GreyBar
    Jul 3 2
    • Twitch BroBroPro
      Is this for TC or salary
      Jul 3
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      SDE Intern at Amazon NYC, UT Austin '20
      The title asked for TC...
      Jul 3
  • Amazon klulez
    In another thread a Googler reported 288k offer! I know people getting 260k offer as well.
    Jul 3 0