Amazon Salesforce Architect L5 offer

Amazon East
Dec 4, 2017 19 Comments

My friend Got an offer from Amazon as Salesforce Architect L5. Interviewed for L6 but received offer for L5 with same title, they also mentioned if he perform well will get to L6 in 1-1.5 yrs.

Offer -

Base - 135k
Bonus (2 yrs) - 68k
RSU - 100 ( 4 yrs - 5/15/40/40)

Total TC - 179

They are matching his current Salary with no increment. Recruiter said this is max they can offer... so need suggestions on how is this offer.


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TOP 19 Comments
  • Salesforce Wpdifne
    Salesforce charges 500k for their program architects to a client like Amazon. So if your friend has double digit years of exp, this is way low...
    Dec 4, 20173
    • Amazon Vacuum
      500k per year?
      Dec 4, 2017
    • Salesforce Wpdifne
      Yes, but it is a consultant type role. But I for sure could see Amazon having 1 or more of these with their Salesforce spend
      Dec 5, 2017
    • CA Technologies / SaleslBqw66
      500k a year is about $250/hour which isn’t even that high for strategic consulting tbh.
      Dec 8, 2017
  • Salesforce cmBf50
    Listen guys, this role is program architect managing Salesforce is solution and not a software r&d architect role that require 10+ years software development experience that warrants 300k+ offer.
    Dec 4, 20171
    • Amazon Vacuum
      Who is a program architect?
      Dec 4, 2017
  • Uber leapfrog1
    What is saleforce architecture like? Sounds. Like a high level title but tc seems like a eng 1/2
    Dec 4, 20172
    • Amazon Ravens
      This role is responsible for managing and designing Salesforce solutions for 1 group mainly used by Sales an Onboarding teams
      Dec 4, 2017
    • Uber leapfrog1
      Thx for explaining. Btw, don't believe the 1-1.5 years bs. The recruiter says that to make u sign the offer. From a eng2 to senior in Amazon is a big gap.
      Dec 4, 2017
  • Airbnb


    1-1.5 yrs is total bs. They can't give him in written so doesn't matter. And total comp seems too low for amazon.
    Dec 4, 20170
  • Amazon crow
    Seems like a role with limited growth options. Is it titled a an SDE?
    Dec 4, 20171
    • Amazon Ravens
      No this is titled as Internal App Dev
      Dec 4, 2017
  • Salesforce benimeoff
    This is a low side offer for PA. What is you location? PAs can be anywhere which greatly changes offer. It is misleading to not say that in title as architect on the t&p side is basically a VP.

    PAs can get as high as $300-400k TC based on region, but they do cap out as SF charges $500k a year to clients for role, so it has a top end.
    May 40
  • SolarCity


    Just stay clam and do your thing.
    Worst offer I have ever heard. Salesforce architect can’t be at level 5
    May 40
  • Salesforce Mehehhh
    Good. You need to get a lot of certification to be a salesforce architect. That comp sucks. He can get a better deal at tons of our customers
    Dec 5, 20170
  • Amazon Ravens
    Thanks All for suggestions.... Today he has informed HR that he can’t accept this offer and waiting for HR to respond him
    Dec 4, 20170
  • Amazon


    Don't take it...
    Dec 4, 20170
  • Verathon / Eng


    💅 Seattle
    TC seems very very low.
    Dec 4, 20170
  • Amazon / Eng


    Microsoft, Google, Facebook
    Dec 4, 20170

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