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I currently have an offer from Amazon and was wondering what happens when you reject it. Does your profile remain active for a few months so that you can apply on others jobs and don't have to go through the interview process?

I'm asking because I'm currently debating the location I want to work and might want to apply for a job at a different location. I'm also afraid that if I ask my recruiter that the current manager will redraw the offer.

Thank you


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    You should work through the recruiter on this. When you get an offer it means amazon is inclined for that level/role and any team can extend an offer without a new loop. The recruiter should help find a better fit if it’s not the one you interviewed for.
    Mar 24 1
    • New / Eng thewing21
      I've been asking delay on accepting the offer as I had others scheduled interviews at others locations. I would basically just want to bring that to the conversation and see if there is anything that could be done for some roles in another location, but don't want to affect my current offer as I'm not 100% sure yet where I would prefer to work location wise. It's a sensitive subject to approach imo.
      Mar 24
  • Oracle / Eng wwled
    Sane hiring managers will want to interview you. Unless you were a strong hire by everyone who interviewed you.
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