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IBM / Eng WYmS28
Jun 3 4 Comments

I was just wondering if anyone can share their experience shipping their car through Amazon's relocation process? They're using a car shipping broker (ACME car shipping) which does not seem to have very good yelp reviews especially regarding damage claims.


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  • Amazon DsAf82
    I had my car shipped 5 years ago, don't think that was company back then.

    They came to check out the car, note any scratches, and hauled it off. Can't recall exactly, but I think the car arrived a day or two after they had planned. I had a rental car during the time anyways so it was not a big deal.

    Pretty seamless, 10/10 would ship car again
    Jun 3 1
    • Amazon / Eng Vulgar
      This. 4 years ago.

      There was a slight delay, but they pid for my rental car.
      Jun 3
  • Salesforce / Consultant

    Salesforce Consultant

    Cisco, IBM, SAP
    Be sure to take a bunch of pictures before it goes in the truck and inspect for damages immediately on delivery. Report damage with pictures immediately.

    I had some minor damage they tried to deny as it “could have happened anytime after delivery”. Luckily I had damage shots that showed the truck in the background and I had emailed them all to my moving coordinator so they paid up in the end.
    Jun 3 0
  • Amazon / Eng Wxfhs32
    I just had an expensive SUV shipped with them on my relo. It worked out just fine. No damage. Of course do you diligence snd inspect the vehicle completely on pickup and delivery.
    Jun 3 0