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American Express Dtoz41
Feb 27 4 Comments

I have a 2 year MBA ( Weekend )from decent university (University of Florida) with 10 yoe .

Current Role - Technical Lead / Senior Engineer

Product - have been investing good amount of time standing up my own data science product ( mobile app) for last 2 years

Leetcoding state - could solve easy state problems at the moment

What are chances for my application selection for Amazon technical product manager ? Any suggestions on what would be the appropriate try out roles at Amazon for my experience?


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  • Facebook / Eng PureWin
    Go Gators ๐ŸŠ
    Feb 27 0
  • Google YTpM41
    You should be fine, but why would you want to? If you can get a job at Amazon, you can go anywhere else and anywhere else is better
    Feb 27 1
    • Amazon MTwain
      Yes, work for Google. Thereโ€™s always good money in collecting and exploiting folksโ€™ personal data without their permission
      Feb 27
  • Amazon MTwain
    You seem a strong candidate for TPM. Amazon wants to see the T (technical) and as a senior engineer you should have that. And the organization and cross-org skills. As a lead you should have experience there and the MBA may help
    Feb 27 0


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