Analyst Bets Uber will Trade Below $30

Google AI Snot
May 13 6 Comments

He lists 11 reasons for why even at $20bn valuation, Uber will be expensive if they lose over $8bn in the next 2 years.

As the stock crashes below $37 today, I am no longer confident his dire predictions would not come true:



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    • Google AI Snot
      Good point. Except Facebook isn’t in a duopoly. Facebook is getting a lot of TV and Print ad dollars, a growing market. Uber and Lyft are racing to the bottom, and drivers are demanding more and can switch to working for other delivery services or gig economy jobs.
      May 13
    • Airbnb tvd4Gj
      One can always come up with whatever reasons for price movements but at the end of day those are already factored in the current price. The point is, no one can predict stock price for the long term
      May 13
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  • Google pmperson
    Gawd, that guy's ego is worse than his writing. 🤮
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