Any companies hiring entry-mid level TPMs?

Expedia Ahsjsjz111
Apr 17, 2018 3 Comments

If you’re company is hiring entry-mid level TPMs @ $105K+ salary, would love to hear about the opportunity. In return hopefully you get a referral bonus?

I’m a dev lead that has been doing mainly TPM skill sets for past 2 years. Thanks!


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  • Juniper a0j6g2
    I walked the same path hence asking. Reason for my original question is so you do not discount your earlier engineering experience and aim for entry level TPM. I had 7-8yrs in dev & 3 yrs as EPM/TPM. Engineering experience in quite a few heavy tech involved tpm teams is a plus.

    If you did it in official capacity, you can claim it on resume as title. If not, will be tricky and depend on how you do your resume. Some things that will help is any certification (PMP, ACP, scrum master), though not a deal breaker.

    Last point from personal experience, 2 yrs kind of puts you at entry level for tpm, but total yrs of professional experience makes it tough for companies to take you at that level, especially if visa involved (and they may not consider you experienced enough). So it may be a rough interview phase, but keep at it. It will refine you and also teach you what more you can do as time goes by.
    Apr 17, 2018 0
  • Amazon Bio-Balls
    I’m in the same boat as OP. I’m interested to see what’s out there.

    I have slightly less TPM experience, but have been transitioned to work strictly as TPM on very high impact projects. We’re talking campaigns across a 2k organization, dealing/managing with up to $100 million. So far I’ve worked with AWS initiatives (international), lead scrum for 2 teams (in 2 different locations) and have managed the development of a couple of internal products. There’s more, but this should be enough to spark some interest. I was meant for this grind.

    PM me 👍
    Apr 17, 2018 0
  • Juniper a0j6g2
    How many yrs Engg experience and the two years in official role or shadow?
    Apr 17, 2018 0