Anyone looking for a technical cofounder in Seattle?

Amazon / EngUbuntuOS
Mar 4 9 Comments

I'm looking for cofounders with solid startup ideas.

I'm an experienced software engineer who's been all over the stack. Main strengths are backend development, and also have experience with Machine Learning systems in production.

I'll be upfront and say that I'm open to any startup ideas besides in the following spaces: Social networks, Advertisement, Cannabis, or Blockchain. No judgment, I'm just not passionate about these.

I'm ready for a change, so would prefer cofounders that are ready to pull the trigger and go all in.

Hit me up, and let's grab coffee


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  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Amazon / EngUbuntuOS
      I'll be leaving, so IP isn't a concern
      Mar 4
  • And then if you’re looking for a second technical cofounder or your first engineering hire, DM me too 🙂 Also been all around the stack but frontend focused
    Mar 42
    • Microsoft
      wyba qnbab


      Google, Amazon
      wyba qnbabmore
      Hey, let’s talk
      Mar 4
    • Sent you a DM
      Mar 4
  • Microsoft / ProductBlueSmith
    Are you open to marketplace ideas?
    Mar 41
  • Disney / Productzrbt65
    I have an idea which I have been turning into a business case, so far other cofounders and advisors have backed me up on the idea and approach. DM me who wants to hear more. I am in LA and have cofounder another startup which we did get funding for but terms were not favorable and then my cofounders moved in their life losing interest 🤦‍♂️

    It’s in reforming college education industry to make a dent in $1.5 trillion student loans industry while preparing young kids for the future jobs! TIA
    Mar 70
  • New / MgmtVSwf01
    Must we be in Seattle?
    Mar 50
  • Microsoft bncdrd
    “besides” means including. Did you mean “except in the following spaces”?
    Mar 40

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