Anyone wear an analog watch and fitbit simultaneously? Which fitness tracker do you wear? How do you wear it?

IBM / Financetricia
Nov 25, 2018 7 Comments

I like my morning run and evening workout at the local fitness center. Both me and my boyfriend try to lead a healthy lifestyle. He got me a Fitbit last year. I always had a fascination for watches and had a good collection of watches - some expensive and some regular. But since the market exploded with smart watches and fitness tracker I seem to miss wearing my watch. There was a character, style statement to wearing a watch. I could match my watch to the dress that I would wear but can't do the same with my fitness tracker. It seems kind of boring. I don't want to miss out on tracking my daily activity but also want to continue to wear an accessory complimenting me.


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  • Indeed uBRN72
    I've owned several Fitbit devices. They're my favorite brand of fitness devices. If you want to wear your stylistic watch more frequently than your Fitbit, you might want to look into fitness rings. They are more expensive though
    Nov 25, 20181
    • IBM / Financetricia
      Thanks. Liked the concept of the ring but they are pretty expensive - I checked one out for Motiv and it was like $200...
      Nov 25, 2018
  • Microsoft !=hotdog
    I've all but abandoned traditional watches at this point, these days I just wear a Garmin, presently a Vivoactive 3.
    Nov 25, 20180
  • Compass / Eng


    AP on the left wrist Apple Watch on the right.
    Nov 25, 20180
  • Oracle / Opsダイノ🐶
    Polar chest strap linked to my iPhone whenever I do my workouts. It’s more accurate.
    Dec 18, 20180
  • Yahoo Ongurrv
    Yes. Analog watch. Small pocket Fitbit. Love it.

    I had a Fitbit watch for a while but hated it, and didn’t really use the features, so I downgraded to the base pocket Fitbit and started wearing my analog watch again.
    Nov 25, 20180
  • Genentech / Engratsey
    I’m in a very similar boat, as I usually like to cycle my analogs based on outfit and occasion. For a while I had a Fitbit that looked more like a standard bracelet/bangle and would wear them either stacked or on opposite wrists but I stopped doing that as well for now. If you’re into it, some fitbits are very small/no screen or anything, just does basic fitness tracking.
    Nov 25, 20180

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