Apple Firmware Engineer Interview?

Beautycounter NotStaff
Oct 23, 2018 1 Comment

What would the interview loop look like for a high-level IC? I'm guessing it's not just standard leetcode + system design + leadership. Asking for an acquaintance (~20 YoE, last 4 as M2, all in the embedded/firmware space). He wants to transition back to doing more hands-on stuff. I'm guessing target would be ICT5. Would that level even be possible in the Los Angeles area (Culver City location)?

Also, do Google or Facebook do any embedded stuff in LA? I know Facebook has Oculus, but it seems to mostly be SDK/Store stuff.


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  • Apple vLwd48
    Programming questions yes but a big focus on Chip SoC embedded systems real-time etc. A lot of focus is placed on operating systems
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