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DoorDash tTkC15
Aug 19 5 Comments

i am going Apple onsite interview soon

For the technical interview, is there any programming language restriction? If it is allowed, I want to do it with Python or Swift. I am fine with objective-c but I don't prefer to use it for technical interviews. This is iOS role using objective-c mainly.


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  • I used Python. All of my interviewers use Java. Just a head up. (I failed btw). A interviewer guy couldn’t understand Python defaultdict & OrderedDict 👻🤷🏻‍♀️
    Aug 19 2
    • Indeed Odd Job
      I guess JavaScript is a no-go then
      Aug 19
    • Depends. My friend got offer from google SDE backend using Js lol
      Aug 19
  • Apple / Eng nosuch
    Depends on the team whether they require a certain language for the interview. But even if they let you use any language you want (most will), it will improve your odds if you can show you are already comfortable in the language(s) the team uses most.

    If that’s ObjC, and another similarly skilled candidate interviews with that, it means you’ll have to be more impressive than them in another area to be considered.
    Aug 20 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Objective-c or Swift for an iOS role.
    Aug 19 0


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