Are Hedge Funds/ Trading firms good next steps from FB?

Facebook JahHab61
Jan 14 7 Comments

I’m at FB and I like it a lot but I’m curious as to what the best next steps are from FB. Im not looking to move yet (I’d like to reach E5 first most likely) but I don’t really want to work at Google because of what I’ve heard about promotion/career velocity as well as the slower paced environment. I have an interest in finance/trading and am wondering if hedge funds or prop shops are a good next step one day in terms of TC and career progression (I one day aspire to reach the director ranks wherever I may be). This would be as a SWE or possibly Quant SWE but not QR or Analyst.

TC: 220k
YOE: 2



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  • F5 Networks rfLu65
    Become a day trader and write your quant tools if you can. You can make a lot of money if you’re actually good at maths and Algos
    Jan 14 5
    • Facebook JahHab61
      I’d imagine experience at these firms would be helpful in achieving this if it’s at all possible for me one day
      Jan 14
    • F5 Networks rfLu65
      I think you can learn inside strategies and then test them. It may not be huge career jump but eventually you maybe able to write algos from what you learned. I write some tools based on self learning and it’s fascinating on how much randomness is baked into it and it’s fun to try and predict patterns.
      Jan 14
    • Appian Ejvt23
      Would it be possible to gain day trading experience while working full-time at a job?
      Jan 15
    • F5 Networks rfLu65
      I do it in my spare time and am in PST so I can work on it at 6:30 am when market opens. It’s a rewarding experience but be careful. You’ve to be ready to lose 5-10k initially while learning and making mistakes but it’s worth it if you keep learning and is consistent with your strategy
      Jan 15
    • Appian Ejvt23
      Oh nice - yeah that’s something I’ve been meaning to try out. So I guess it’s only an option if you’re in PST then? I’m in EST so cant really do it while working
      Jan 15
  • Credit Karma Creditcard
    I think it makes sense if you really really like C++.
    Jan 14 0


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