Austin, TX New Grad Referrals needed

SAS / Eng mFMg51
Oct 16 7 Comments

Hi everyone! I'm graduating in May with a dual degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NCSU. I want to start my career off in Austin, and was wondering if anyone could refer me to their company?

I just finished interviews with Amazon but I am not really interested in the Seattle area. I have 3 years of SWE internships, two years of research positions (related to ML and 5G communications), and can fill in any additional details you may need from me!


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TOP 7 Comments
  • TBC Corp. PIIu07
    I am with Google Austin but you haven’t tagged google soo...
    Oct 16 3
    • SAS / Eng mFMg51
      I only got 3 tags 😂 I’m currently in first rounds of interviews with google, no specific location, but Austin would be ideal 🙏🏼
      Oct 16
    • Facebook lRCB18
      You wasted one tag on Facebook. No eng in Austin.
      Oct 16
    • TBC Corp. PIIu07
      Lol .. since you are already in first rounds.. can’t help much. Good luck and prepare well!
      Oct 16
  • Microsoft zbxD81
    Sales for big companies or engineering work at a start up, that's Austin's job market
    Oct 16 1
    • SAS / Eng mFMg51
      Any startups you’d recommend in particular?
      Oct 16
  • New / Product

    New Product

    Microsoft, Bazaarvoice
    Worked at MSFT then left to work at startups for 10+ years. Now I’m looking to get back to corporate and join FAANG.
    What companies are you potentially interested in—Dell, Indeed, Oracle, Apple, etc.?
    Oct 16 0


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