Autodesk Senior SWE Interview

Cisco ABGslayer
Feb 25 3 Comments

What kinds of questions have people been asked for Autodesk swe interviews?

Tc 150k


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  • Intel Inteltired
    Why from Cisco -> autodesk ? Isn’t Cisco better than AD in terms of compensation?
    Feb 25 1
    • Autodesk \uwu/
      Judging by the TC, no.
      Aug 16
  • Autodesk \uwu/
    Depends from position to position. But I can tell you we don't pretend to only hire the top leetcode grinders. We keep the interview relevant to the position. Maybe one or two whiteboards but nothing too crazy, just to test how you react to problems. Most interviews are focussed on the job description. If it's devops, you better know your devops, we couldn't care less if your leetcode hard took you less than a minute to solve.
    Aug 16 0


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