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New excelll
Nov 13 6 Comments

I worked at a startup for a while as a full time employee and for sometime as an advisor for equity. But, in my resume in order not to complicate I just put as if I worked there full time. I recently received an offer from a company and as part of that i need to go through background check. Do I put for that company in background check application the dates when I was full time or including the time as advisor?


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  • Verizon Media Igpay
    Just be honest. Put the actual truth. You know it’s wrong or you wouldn’t be asking.
    Nov 13 0
  • New / Mgmt benefactor
    Lol pick one and make sure your reference has the dates right
    Nov 13 0
  • Google $krs1
    This exact situation happened to me. I only put down the period I was full-time in the background check.
    Nov 13 2
    • New excelll
      What happened. Did you provide pro-actively explanation to HR?
      Nov 13
    • Google $krs1
      There wasn’t much to explain as they didn’t ask. I just mentioned briefly that I had contracted for x period of time.
      Nov 14
  • Facebook MhFm41
    Don't trip just put down the truth, tons of people do contract work and it only gets flagged if you're a criminal.
    Nov 13 0


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