Barcelona, Zurich, Paris in 12 days?



May 27 15 Comments

Does that sound reasonable? Or should I consider going 2 of them only?


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  • New / Other ¯\_(ツ)__/¯
    Try to give Paris and the versalles gardens 4 or 5 days! The rest you should be fine. 2 days for zurich should be enough! 3 won’t hurt! Barcelona 3-5 days should be good!

    Don’t forget to do the sandesman free walkingn tours as soon as you get to a city! Best way to learn all about a city and then plan the rest of your stay depending on what you liked the most and what you disnt do/see
    May 27 1
    • Facebook burnt_out
      Yes. The walking tours are a great way to orient yourself the day you get to a city. Try other free walking tours if sandesman is not offered in the city you’re in.
      May 27
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    I'm a generalist soft eng who loves to work on hard tasks and open-source. I have experience in many domains (low-level, web, data science, security, etc.).
    If you're going to Paris I suggest you to go to the Versailles palace as well. It's absolutely worth it, the palace and the gardens and jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
    May 27 0
  • Facebook AyyoLeMayo
    Zurich itself is not very interesting, try going to Lucerne or visiting the Jungfraugh region for very nice views. I would allocate at least 4 days to Switzerland if you want to do anything of substance.
    May 27 2
    • Google / Eng hоcuspocus
      Jungfraujoch is a waste of 300+ bucks if you go there when cloudy which is very often. Just tons of Chinese tourists and little swiss culture on the top
      Jun 4
    • Facebook AyyoLeMayo
      I wouldn’t say very often since I’m from Seattle :) but yeah don’t go there if its not sunny
      Jun 4
  • Microsoft idknbd
    You'll spend a lot of time traveling. If you'll be traveling by train it can be nice to see the countryside. But I'd personally just pick 1 and relax. I'd probably spend half that time on the beach in Barcelona
    May 27 0
  • New


    Barcelona is beautiful, 3 days should be enough; Zurich is Ok, I find it’s rather boring; I would spend most time in Paris, so much to see and enjoy.
    May 27 0
  • Oracle Flatlinerz
    I've not been to any of them but generally people exaggerate how many days a city needs. If you don't plan to visit 15 museums/art galleries spending a whole day at each then it should be fine
    May 27 0
  • Intel Benzy
    I'd split it between Barca and Paris although I think there's a bit more to do in Paris. Three of those 12 are travel days so in reality you only have 9 full days. And don't go in summer, both those cities will be mobbed with tourists.
    Jun 2 0
  • New cbbu61
    just go to barcelona
    May 29 0
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Top Contributor or GTFO
    Zurich itself doesn't offer much but there is plenty of cool stuff to see around, i.e. Jungfraujoch, Interlaken I would spent 2 days in the city + 2 day trips at least.
    Barcelona is super cool. 4 days there as well.
    Then spent all remaining time in Paris. Even doing nothing in Paris is a great experience.
    May 27 0
  • OnDeck GPgj02
    I envy you.
    May 27 0
  • Arthrex quarks
    I personally covered most of Barcelona in 3 days and felt there is nothing much to do after that. I definitely loved walking around the city. Paris 3 days as well that's excluding the museum tour not a fan of them but replaced it with shopping. Been to Bern and 3 days there not sure about Zurich. I walk a lot so if you are a person who gets tired soon or walks less maybe you should just do two cities.
    May 27 0
  • Google tyrionstar
    Depends on what you want to see. You can spend an entire week in Barcelona cos there's so much to see.
    May 27 0