Behavioral questions for L6 - bar raisers needed



Don Juan de Bezos
Aug 24 4 Comments

Hey blinders,

I have FAANG on sites next week and am trying to target very senior roles, such as L6 at Amazon. I would like to gauge if the answers I give for behavioral questions are enough to be considered for such roles at top companies. Can someone who evaluates candidates for these roles look at my some of my answers and give me feedback? Any bar raisers or hiring managers in the house?

Getting feedback from companies post interview is near impossible. And its hard to tell if the interviewer deems the answer a good one. Or maybe the answer is satisfactory for the level, but it doesnt raise the bar. Ive always been on the interviewee side of the table, so Ive never heard others answers to compare to my own. How are the answers graded at Amazon, do interviewers give a rating for each principle?


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  • Amazon / PR jefe_bezos
    Behavioral questions are meant to target a specific (often times more than one) leadership principle. Your first thought should be analyzing which leadership principle they are targeting and knock it out of the park with concrete examples (contrived or otherwise).
    Aug 24 2
    • Apple


      Don Juan de Bezos
      I wrote down answers for various leadership principles, but I don’t know how they would be graded compared to other candidates. I even shamelessly quote Bezos in some of the answers 😂😂😂
      Aug 24
    • Coca-Cola adIo76
      But sometimes it is not easy to map the question to the LP’s they are trying to get, can you share an example of those questions that target multiple LP’s?

      Also does my answer to the LP’s should cover the functional skills required to do the job, or do i have some freedom to provide examples not perfectly aligned to the Job description?
      Aug 29
  • Amazon / Field Ops 206
    Don't pander by quoting Bezos. What matters is that you can articulately describe a real example of you demonstrating the LP in your past. Don't try to BS it, they will drill down 3 or more levels of follow up and will see through you.

    If the LPs really resonate with you and you can prove you've been aligned with them, you'll be a good match. If you're not all-in on them, you're not going to have a good time at the onsite or if you manage to get hired.
    Aug 25 0


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